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MFA Boston, USA
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Scope of work


MFA Boston, one of the oldest and most prestigious art museums in the USA


To evaluate the Museum’s existing mobile guide, and to write a strategy with the client to develop it in the short- and medium-term



Pocket-Proof started by researching all aspects of the in-house Multimedia Guide and its distribution on over seven hundred iPod Touches running open-source TAP software. We looked at how the technology was being used, displayed, plugged in, updated. We then engaged the Museum in workshops to help them identify key goals: making it attractive to visitors; making it easy for staff; and making sure it was future-proof.


MFA Boston’s now-renamed MFA Guide is a leader in its field, with over a hundred thousand users so far.



MFA Multimedia Guide


“Loic provided a detailed and site-specific assessment and improvement plan for multimedia guides at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. ... His work was detailed, thoughtful, and comprehensive. He has given the Museum an excellent road map on improving the visitor experience and the pick-up rate of Guides.

I highly recommend Loic's work.”

Kim French, Deputy Director of Marketing, MFA Boston.

More details

Client : MFA Boston.
Time Frame : Oct. 2011 - Mar. 2012.
Services : System Evaluation & Strategy Development.